The LUDI Library on African Culture, Architecture & Urbanism

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The LUDI Library on African Urbanism and Architecture is an initiative that responds to the lack of centralized information sources on the peculiar rate, style and trend of design and urbanization in the African Continent. Most Literature on this subject is already widely discussed, yet they lack the continuity and cohesion necessary for a researcher’s full understanding of the subject. The project thus involves compiling literature on the subject of African Urbanism into a platform accessible to Students, Researchers and Professionals.

The fundamental objective of this project is to promote the Knowledge of African Urbanism and Architecture as a field of study in the heart of the Largest Metropolitan Area in Africa. This is important because there are several political, governance, economic, social, and cultural changes taking place in African towns and cities – many of which have substantial implications for the way urban planners and policymakers make decisions and impact citizen lives. The Library is expected to become an international point of reference for curated content on African Urbanism and Architecture. It is expected to become a point of convergence for Students, Researchers and Professionals to share ideas and resources for sustainable city development. The Library is designed in such a way that it is self-sustaining and can function with little supervision over a long-term period.

Who Can Use The Library?

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How to Access The Library

The Library would have a card/digital password system for users to indicate the amount of active, inactive and new users. Registered users will also be part of a mailing list that informs them of new books and updates made to the Library. A librarian will also be available to physically assist with the sorting and searching for specific content in the Library.  

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The Design of the Library

You can be part of creating this marvellous space by submitting a design that will be chosen by a panel of esteemed judges. All you have to do is check out the design brief and submit your design.