About Us

Lagos Urban Development Initiative is an organisation that brings like-minded organisations and people together to advocate for a more inclusive, livable, and sustainable Lagos. We do this through collaboration, research and dialogue.

Lagos Urban Development Initiative, formerly known as the Lagos Urban Network, was formed in December 2016. We re-branded in August 2018, with our focus divided into three areas of urban progress - Lagos Urban Network, the Bridge Series, and Policy-Oriented Projects.


We strive to be a major agent of the push for better governance for the people of Lagos, in order to advance a Lagos that is a more livable, and socially inclusive space for its citizenry.

We are also aiming to help develop a state government that is responsive to the needs of its people, especially its young population, and to be the primary source for planning resources, professional contacts, and urban thought in Nigeria.

What We Do

We help build the local capacity for urban planning advocacy,
promote sustainable solutions that enhance Lagos’ functioning urban systems, and assist the federal and state governments in developmental and policy projects to improve the livability of Lagos.

We also help strengthen relations between the government and its citizenry,
promote participatory urban planning for underprivileged areas in Lagos, and encourage Lagos' youth to be more active in the activities of the government through youth-centered events centered on collaboration, networking, and developing urban solutions.


At the heart of Lagos Urban Development Initiative are people who really care about the work we do

Olamide Udoma-Ejorh - Director

Olamide is an Urban Activist – researcher, writer, and artist, holding degrees in BSc Architecture, MA Design and MPhil Infrastructure Management. Olamide started her career in PR, giving her a business and marketing foundation. Olamide has worked in London, South Africa and Nigeria with various organisations focusing on transport management, slum upgrading and housing rights in urbanising African cities. She is also a trustee at Open House Lagos and former Editor-in-Chief of the Lost in Lagos Magazine.

Contact Details: Email: olamide@ludi.org.ng   Phone: +2347068893606


Yinka Jones - Project Manager

Yinka is a researcher, trainer and facilitator at seminars, speaker at conferences, a farmer and a writer. He is a Commonwealth professional fellow currently based in Lagos, Nigeria. Yinka has a BSc in Agricultural and Environmental Engineering and a certificate in Project Cycle Management. He is an award-winning social entrepreneur and an active player in the Nigeria’s renewable energy industry specializing in biodiesel and biogas production. He is also involved in the production of simple sustainable technologies for use in agro-allied industries.

Contact Details: Email: yinka@ludi.org.ng   Phone: +23408053552201

Lauretta Ihekwumere - Communications Associate

Lauretta is a graduate of Obafemi Awolowo University with a degree in Literature. She manages internal and external communications for LUDI and also has experience in SEO.

Miriam Adenuga - Project Associate

Miriam is a 2018 graduate of Covenant University with a Bachelor's in Building Technology. She plans to undertake further study in the future for a career in Environmental Design/Architecture.

Adeposi Stanley- Project Associate

Adeposi is an urban activist, researcher, writer, and designer with a bachelor's degree in Architecture (Hons.) and a Master's degree in Environmental Design. Adeposi began his career managing urban design interventions, which provided him with a foundation in social entrepreneurship and public engagement. Adeposi has worked with numerous organizations in Germany, Ethiopia, and Nigeria on microscale economy, governance, and public spaces in urbanizing African cities.