Lagos Urban Development Initiative is currently undertaking projects within Lagos centred around Mobility, Technology and Public spaces. Below are our current projects:

This is a female perspective on urban planning to create an environment that is secure and comfortable for all sexes.

Assessing Walkability at UNILAG: Identifying Opportunities for Improvement

The Handbook for Gender-Inclusive Urban Planning and Design seeks to respond to these urgent contemporary questions.

The NMT Festival serves as a platform to raise awareness about the importance of Non-Motorized Transport (NMT) infrastructure in Lagos.


How can we create environments in Lagos that are safe and inclusive? Can we design a city from a female perspective and share the findings?

As a group, we were able to develop an action plan as well as to reach other stakeholders particularly MDAs in Lagos.

Past projects:

Develop a framework guiding the allocation of land under LASPARK for horticulture nurseries, community gardens and farms similar to the allotment garden concept (Kleingartenanlagen) in Germany. 

Exploring the benefits of promoting human-powered transportation to reverse the course towards more private vehicle use in Lagos.

Exploring the possibilities surrounding smart city concepts applied in the context of Yaba for sustainable management of its culture, economy and transport.

Creative Producers International is a leadership development programme that will enhance the skills and vision of fifteen Creative Producers from around the world.

The Linear Park Project merges non-motorised transportation, urban farming and recreation. It seeks to sustainably connect and conserve wetlands in Lagos.

The wetlands are disappearing at an alarming rate and this will have devastating effects on Lagos State. We can expect flooding, loss of biodiversity and increased risk of infectious diseases.

This research aims to create an assessment matrix that can be used both by the public and private sector to assess public projects including parks and pedestrian infrastructure.

The pilot on urban vertical farming is a drive that responds to an impending food crisis, as climate change threatens to undermine the global food systems.

This project seeks to look at simple and cost-neutral measures and regulations which the local community can easily introduce to make roads safer. 

This project is aimed at carrying out a feasibility study on the use of cargo bikes for delivery purposes by the commercial and informal sector on Lagos Island. 

We plan to teach multiple cycles of up to 15 girls cycling, empowerment, rights of young girls and self-defence in a specific Lagos Island community.

This project focuses on the reality women face in their journeys every day, and the impact this can have on enabling economic development in emerging markets.

This event consisted of an exhibition, which took place within the premises of the MoW for three consecutive days, and concluded with a panel discussion.

This a collection of literature and other relevant media to improve access for professionals, students and enthusiasts.