Smart Yaba

The Smart Yaba project explores the concept of ‘smartness’ as a relative term as opposed to the ‘exclusive’ which it has often been described as. Hence, it acknowledges that there is a degree of smartness in every society. It also dismisses the ‘tyranny of digitization’, which most people consider to be smartness. This tyranny then causes a dysfunctional relationship between what people are used to doing and what they should be doing. As a result, the concepts developed in this project are intrinsically ‘smart’ and are a direct response to the way people live within the city.

Smart Culture is about creating more efficient systems by which people carry out their activities

Ore Disu.

Executive Director Nsibidi Institue

Check out the Report on our Smart Yaba Workshop here.

The project has borne four research projects. The researchers are placed in groups of at least three persons investigating smart culture, economy, and mobility.