Producing the Future

Led by Watershed, and working with experienced UK and international producing partners, this unique scheme will develop a network of talent who can engage with citizens and their city leaders. Inspired locally, but engaged globally, they will produce creative projects that transform the conversation surrounding our future cities.

Background More than half of the world’s population now lives in cities, and how those cities grow, adapt and thrive is becoming the most vital issue of our age. However, this conversation is more focused on policy and technology than people and culture. Artists and cultural organisations have a unique opportunity to change this dialogue and reimagine the cities of the future.

The world needs cultural leaders who can converse with both city planners and their own local communities, to influence city development and ensure that citizens are engaged and public spaces remain open.

The programme will amplify and extend the reach of Watershed’s Playable City, which puts people and play at the heart of future cities. This work creates a new kind of dialogue between citizens and their city, by transforming their surroundings into spaces of unexpected interaction. A combination of public space, creativity and imagination combine to inspire people with a vital message of change for the future. Playable City has been embraced by cities across five continents, in locations as diverse as Austin, Bristol, Lagos, Recife and Tokyo and beyond, and its impact continues to grow and inspire.

For more Information, visit Playable City Website