Linear Park Project

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The Linear Park Project merges the concepts of non-motorised transportation and creation of parks and gardens within the cities and their attendant benefits. It seeks to sustainably connect and conserve wetlands in Lagos whilst promoting biking and bike-ability and climate-smart agriculture thus making the city more resilient and inclusive.

A study was carried out in 2018 to look at the feasibility of the project and the benefits it could bring to the government as well as the citizenry. It estimated the cost implication and also considered potential sources of funding. The study produced a design which included a 4km off-road bicycle trail and attendant infrastructure, ecological, monumental and recreational parks, bridges and agritainment centre. The project is to involve rehabilitation of degraded ecosystems, tree-planting and construction of non-motorised transport infrastructure among others.

A working committee has been set up comprising high-level representatives of relevant Lagos State MDAs, Heinrich Boëll Stiftung and the Lagos Urban Development Initiative. The Committee, working with a technical consultant, is committed towards the development of action and financial plan for the Linear Park Project. So far, the project, which is being championed by LASPARK, is enjoying a high level of buy-in from stakeholders and key decision-makers in relevant MDAs in the state.