We were able to reach out to relevant MDAs, i.e. Ministry of Transportation, Ministry of Works and Infrastructure, LAMATA, and the Ministry of Women Affairs and Poverty Alleviation, with our proposal to host the Flaneuse roadshow. We eventually were able to get a positive response from the MoW&I and they agreed to host the event after a meeting with the Special Assistant to the Governor and the Permanent Secretary of the ministry.

We were able to have the Gender Perspective in Urban Design “Flaneuse” roadshow which was held in collaboration with the Lagos State Ministry of Works and Infrastructure. The event consisted of an exhibition, which took place within the premises of the Ministry of Works and Infrastructure for three consecutive days, and concluded with a panel discussion on the Friday. Kindly see here the report of this activity.

We also took advantage of the panel discussion to get feedback from participants from the various MDAs and professionals present on the Gender Design Guideline training module.

Efforts were made to have the roadshow particularly with the Ministry of Physical Planning and Urban Development and also LAMATA. A series of reminders and physical visits were done to them to follow up on the initial proposal earlier sent. However, these did not yield much as we did not get any feedback from these organisations.