Allotment Gardens Framework Development

After a visiting tour to Berlin, a working group was established in 2018 to identify key ideas implemented by Berlin’s civil society organisations and administration which could be adapted in Lagos to promote bikeability, walkability and the access and use of green spaces. One very important idea identified by the working group from the tour is the allotment garden concept which LASPARK through this project is working with some technical consultants and the Lagos Urban Development Initiative to adapt in Lagos State.

The project therefore seeks to develop a framework guiding the allocation of land under LASPARK  authority for horticulture nurseries, community gardens and farms similar to the allotment garden concept (Kleingartenanlagen) in Germany. This framework will define lease period and modalities, size and use of plots, sharing and transferring policies for the plots etc.

The working group consists of various unit heads in LASPARK, the technical consultants and Lagos Urban Development Initiative.

Final Presentation on the Allotment Garden Framework