The Bridge Series

The Lagos Urban Development Initiative’s Bridge Series is a monthly series of talk sessions, dinners, film screening nights, debates and other events that bring together professionals and students interested in their city to come together and get engaged in conversations that enrich and promote their shared interests. These interests range from mobility, technology and space to the arts and public space.

The Objective

The primary objective of the Bridge Series is to bring together two worlds of enthusiasts who coexist in the city space, but have been set apart by societal differences; the students and the professionals they may turn out to be. This division or break in proper communication channels has resulted in professionals who are oblivious of the humanities associated with their fields of practice.


The Bridge Series usually occurs in the form of lectures, film screenings, or dinners, dependent on the topic of the day and the level of intimacy required. It holds monthly and is geared towards students, members of our network, and Lagos residents who are passionate about urban growth.

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