Technology and Space

Embarking on smart city initiatives by linking technological informational transformation with economic, political and socio-cultural change to achieve sustainable urban development and quality of life.

Smart city links together technological informational transformation with economic, political and sociocultural changes. Smart City is more than just economic or business led urban development in a city. It weaves together different aspects; (soft and hard) infrastructure, human capital, education, environmental interests, and social and relational capital as important drivers of urban growth to make the ultimate Smart city. When a city is smart it is driven to solve traffic congestion, school overcrowding, air pollution, loss of open space, skyrocketing public facilities cost and other urban difficulties. Although Smart city is often considered Digital City based of ICT infrastructure, Smart city concept does not just end at technological and human advancements. It takes into consideration every aspect of life that will eventually lead to achieving good quality of life and overall city improvement, therefore environmental wellness is included.

Our principal aim for this theme is to alter perceptions of Lagos and help residents to recognize that Smart City is attainable and not just a myth. Despite the growing complexities of our unique developing state, we present events and discussions on how these deficiencies we encounter can be slowly reversed and make our progress to being a smart city.

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