EDUCAUSE – Where Space, Technology and Culture Converge : 

The growing influence of technology in the learning environment only sharpens the debate: Are traditional educational goals and models still appropriate, or is the knowledge required for success in today’s workplace and global economy fundamentally different?

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Urban Planning, Information Technology, and Cyberspace :

The technological advances and social changes that are characteristic of late twentieth-century urban centers have created the need for new strategies of urban planning. The development of advanced information and telecommunications networks have created new kinds of socioeconomic activities, while changes in values and increases in cultural diversity within cities have made manifest the need for planning schemes based on flexibility and responsiveness to change

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Challenges of Sustainable Physical Planning and Development in Metropolitan Lagos : 

Currently the concept and adoption of sustainable development is one of the most commonly adopted in recent time. This paper therefore examines the application of the concept in the physical development process in Lagos State. It delves into literature on physical development efforts with discussions on planning legislations from the colonial period to the present time in Lagos State all aimed at resolving the myriad of problems confronting physical and environmental development in the state.

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