Public Space

Transforming social space to well-designed locations that spark community growth, economic development and environmental sustainability.

Lagos’s rapid economic growth and social development therefore means urbanization is inevitable; in turn public space becomes a more important issue. Public Space is social space that is accessible to the public, to people of all social class at any time of the day. It should provide something for everybody. Public spaces add to the health of our residents and our environment. It gives us a sense of happiness if our city space is well designed and maintained. It adds to Lagos character and our architectural diversity. Public spaces can be a mechanism to fuel economic growth through social activities: commerce, flea markets, pop-up stores for city entrepreneurs, festivals fairs, sports and entertainment shows, concerts and so much more. Public spaces can take on more buildings, transform wasted lands while still protecting and enhancing the environment and its natural features.

Our aim is to discover how urban public space can sustain Lagos city productivity, promote community cohesiveness, reflect our culture, boost health and advance environmental sensibility. We will also explore programs that features city strategies and ways public space in Lagos can be well planned, designed and developed to drive uses to be both multi-functional and multidisciplinary.

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