MOU between Lagos and the Federal Government on Road Design, Implementation and Maintenance

The non-motorised transport policy developed by LAMATA and UNEP envisages a comprehensive safe bike infrastructure throughout the city. Because of its federal structure, many major roads of the city are federal roads – therefore the city government has to agree with the federal ministry of transport on a common bike lane design and finance plan for each junction between a state or local government and federal government road. Cooperation between those political levels is almost nonexistent, even now that state and federal government are run by the same party. Federal government has also made bikeability one of its priorities in the transport sector to fulfill its NDC; therefore a smooth understanding and cooperation should be desirable by both sides.

To this end a memorandum of understanding has been suggested to be developed and signed by both the federal and state actors. To achieve this, the project therefore includes, among others, research into similar cases in other cities with federal structure, identifying a pilot street in cooperation with LAMATA, a design competition for a safe and useful bikeway on the pilot street and the initiation of the MoU process.