Lagos Local Government Design Guide

The Lagos Design Guide is a project that responds to the lack of quick references to Laws, Policies and Strategies on planning and design at the Local Government level. Most Local government officials charged with making decisions about planning and design are disadvantaged with a lack of knowledge in those fields. This project thus provides a condensed reference to laws, policies and strategies on urban planning and design for Local Government officials in Lagos State.

The primary objective of this project is to enhance the decision-making process for Local Government Officials and Leaders. This involves making the process more effective and beneficial for their constituencies. The project also seeks to promote and advocate for ideals of planning and design that are inclusive and sustainable. Another objective of the project is to clearly define the roles and responsibilities of the Local Government level of governance. This leads to capacity development of Local Government Officials in general. The Local Government Design and Planning Guide is expected to affect the perception of development at the Local Government Level. It will also bring out or express the philosophy of the existing design and planning codes/regulations in Lagos State.

At the end of the project, there will be a press launch and a small handover ceremony to the Ministry of Local Government and Community Affairs. This signifies that the project is complete and the role of LUDI as an advocacy group has been accomplished in this project. However, during the project period, a workshop featuring Academia from the University of Lagos, The Ministry of Local Government and Community Affairs and Design Network London, a UK-based Urban Planning Advocacy Group, will be organized. This workshop will address practical issues of the research part of the project. It will tend to contextualize functional governance strategies in the Lagos context.